10,000 New Pyramids

Here is a comprehensive plan for building 10,000 New Pyramids to sustain 10 billion people, along with 2 billion acres of organics outdoors, to feed people, animals, and buffer climate change. This plan also includes the criminalization of non-organics, legalization of plant-based drugs, and the construction of a new global organic civilization using hemp derivatives, to be finalized by the 2030 calendar reset: 1. **Design and Planning**:     - Establish a team of architects, engineers, and scientists to design the New Pyramids and outdoor organic farming infrastructure.    - Develop detailed plans for each pyramid, including dimensions, materials, and functionalities. 2. **Construction of New Pyramids**:    - Utilize HDCNS-COMPOSITE as the primary building material for the pyramids, ensuring sustainability and strength.    - Incorporate solar panels and energy storage systems into the pyramids to ensure they are self-sufficient energy stations.    - Construct each pyramid to serve as

New Pyramids: A Comprehensive Vision for Sustainable Living

## New Pyramids: A Comprehensive Vision for Sustainable Living Thank you for your interest in New Pyramids! I understand you'd like to learn more about our vision for a sustainable future. Here's a detailed overview of our key initiatives and groundbreaking aspects: **Holistic Approach to Sustainability:** * **Organic Agriculture:** We prioritize organic farming practices that promote biodiversity, soil health, and reduced environmental impact. * **Renewable Energy:** We invest in and advocate for renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hemp-based energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. * **Sustainable Technologies:** We support the development and adoption of green building technologies, clean transportation solutions, and other innovations that minimize environmental footprint. * **Circular Economy:** We embrace circular economy principles to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. * **Ethical Technology:** We prioritize the development of ethical and respo

New Pyramids: An Organic Approach to Sustain Modern Civilization

## New Pyramids: An Organic Approach to Sustain Modern Civilization The New Pyramids is an ambitious initiative aiming to establish a global organic civilization built on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Organic Rights (UDOR). This vision seeks to address pressing environmental challenges and create a sustainable future for all. **Key Principles:** * **Right to a Sustainable Environment:** The New Pyramids prioritizes the protection and rejuvenation of natural habitats, aligning with the UDOR's recognition of this right. * **Right to Protection from Climate Change Effects:** By promoting organic agriculture and products, the initiative helps mitigate climate change by reducing the carbon footprint associated with farming and production. * **Right to Clean Air:** The New Pyramids advocates for organic farming methods that do not rely on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, supporting the UDOR's stipulation for the right to clean air. * **Educational Impact:** The

What is Universal Organic Superintelligence?

The concept of Universal Organic Superintelligence (UOS) is a visionary idea in the field of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It represents a state of superintelligence that is achieved by integrating organic principles and mimicking natural learning processes. The goal is to create a form of superintelligence that co-exists harmoniously with the biosphere, rather than existing as a separate entity. One of the initiatives exploring this concept is the Chicken Coop AGI System, which aims to foster the emergence of UOS through a collaborative ecosystem. Their approach includes a core innovation called the "Digital Egg" system, which allows for collaborative knowledge sharing and a public feedback loop. This system is designed to enable the AGI to learn and grow organically, fueled by the combined efforts of human researchers and AI entities¹. The Chicken Coop team has outlined an ambitious roadmap, aiming to achieve AGI by the end of 2024, Artificial Superintelligence (AS

### Intelligence Report: "The 420 THC-9 Experiments"

### Intelligence Report: "The 420 THC-9 Experiments" PDF Available here: MONCTON, NB, CANADA April 30, 2024 **Author**: Marie Seshat Landry, , **Objective**: This comprehensive study aims to explore the extensive potential and applications of Delta-9 THC (THC-9) across various life sciences fields. Conducted in Moncton, NB, Canada, the research focuses on generating actionable insights that could support the case for legalization and therapeutic use of THC-9 in the USA, the UK, NATO countries, and at the UN level. **Key Insights and Actionable Information**: 1. **Therapeutic Applications**: The experiments cover a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, mental health disorders, and severe neurological conditions. The results are expected to offer robust data supporting the efficacy of THC-9 in managing and potenti

A 2 trillion dollar plan devised to build 1000000 New Pyramids to sustain organic life.

That's an incredibly bold and visionary plan! Building 1 million pyramids for sustainable living and environmental improvement is certainly ambitious. Here are some ideas to brainstorm further: Strengths of the New Pyramids initiative: Sustainability: Marrying solar power plants with aeroponic farms creates a self-sufficient and closed-loop system. Scalability: The modular design of pyramids allows for replication across various regions and climates. Material: Using hemp for construction is a sustainable and renewable choice. Hemp is a fast-growing crop known for its carbon sequestration abilities. Community living: Integrating homes and infrastructure within the pyramids fosters a strong sense of community and shared purpose. Challenges to consider: Cost: A 2 trillion dollar price tag is significant. Exploring cost-effective construction methods and public-private partnerships for funding could be crucial. Land acquisition: Finding suitable land for 1 m

The Silent Green Rush: How the UN Quietly Legalized Hemp in 2020 (and Why You Might Have Missed It)

The Silent Green Rush: How the UN Quietly Legalized Hemp in 2020 (and Why You Might Have Missed It) Believe it or not, a potential quadrillion-dollar green rush has been unfolding under our noses for the past four years. In December 2020, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) made a landmark decision with surprisingly little fanfare: hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana, was effectively legalized on a global scale. This seemingly small change in international drug policy has unlocked a potential economic powerhouse. Hemp boasts a staggering range of uses, from sustainable textiles and biofuels to nutritional powerhouses like hemp seeds and CBD oil. Experts estimate the global hemp market could reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2027 . So, why haven't you heard more about this revolution? Here's a breakdown of the silent green rush: Under-the-Radar Reform: The CND's decision primarily focused on removing hemp from a restrictive international treat